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 wisdow the brand



How we can create an highly effective skincare that actually benefits your health? We are obsess with the quality of the formulas, researching constantly the purest bioactive extracts.

"We design holistic formulas sourcing ethically high-performing bioactive botanicals to promote long-lasting results for skin health and well-being. Leading by the values of toxic-free, efficiency, sustainability, inclusivity and transparency."



Wisdow is born as a beautiful path of reconnection and healing, on the shores of Bali. There, surrounded by nature, the life-changing experience of the loss brought the most powerful purpose : to innovate the industry of skincare by designing high-performance bioactive botanicals supported by science. The holistic approach of Wisdow is a link of connectivity between nature, skin and soul to truly align yourself and honour your well-being. Our motivation is to inspire each of you to create a change in the way you treat your bodies and health promoting awareness and transparency.

Meet Chloé, founder.



“99% OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS for the highest performance.”

We are extremely exigent with the efficacy of our formulas. The skincare industry use an excessive number of inactive, toxic and harmful ingredients to complete their formulas. The result is simple to understand : inactive ingredients won’t have any benefits on your skin while toxic and harmful ingredients will have negative effects on your skin and health.

That’s why we've decided to innovate in the beauty world designing only potent formulas based on 99% bioactive botanicals to deliver the highest performance for health and deep skin renewal.



"Vegan skincare will reduce your own environmental impact on the Earth."

We exclusively design plant-based formulas for ethical reasons and quality. While vegan skincare is a safe and smooth alternative for your skin, especially if you’re someone with sensitive or condition-prone skin, it will also reduce your own environmental impact on the Earth.


"Among diversity we respect individuality."

We also stand for gender neutral products that are meant for all people. All skin types, all skin tones, all genders. Because healthy skin is GENDERLESS and we all deserve it. We want you to create a space where you deeply feel the best version of YOURSELF. 


 "It’s our obligation to bring skincare to the next level of sustainability."

And of course we stand for sustainability, meaning working towards better practices for an environmental, social and economical balance. Everyday we are inspired to be more conscious of the impact on our bodies, on the planet and on each other, to innovate and create positive change for a more sustainable future. Our motivation is to be part of the change in the skincare industry and to create an impact that leaves a positive footprint. Read more about it here.



"Self-care is a sacred space, filled with unconditional love.
Where you can find yourself first, your true self, again and again." 

A ritual requires your full presence and attention. Skincare rituals are sacred and powerful because they exceed what is being done presently. There’s intention, energy, connection and commitment behind them. These conscious cares will have a positive impact in your present-future. Wellbeing rituals allow you to slow down and to align yourself. We encourage you to create this sacred space, to take time for yourself and to connect with these powerful natural ingredients.