Skincare routine can be overwhelming and confusing with so much trendy products and steps to follow. So thank you so much for choosing WISDOW as your new skin care, and to make the most of it, it’s really important to know how it all fits with your face and well being.

Here you will find out what WISDOW founder Chloé recommends :

MORNING | The Ritual

Step 1 | Remove all the night-time products and slowly wake up your face and soul with the Botanical Cleansing Oil.

Step 2 | Close your eyes and apply the Neroli Toner onto the face to balance and reset.

Step 3 | Apply any specific treatment product you have or Serum.

Step 4 | Follow your ritual with something nourishing and loaded with antioxidants like our Face Oils. Massage gently during 1 minute face, neck and chest.

Step 5 | Apply your daily cream, SPF and Make up.

Tip : For a beautiful glowing complexion, mix a few drops of this face oil with your foundation.


"A ritual requires your full presence and attention. There’s intention and energy behind them. These conscious acts will have a positive impact in your wellbeing. Your Body is Truly Your Temple. Find these moments to slow down and disconnect from any distraction. Create a sacred space where you can connect with your authentic self. Purify the energy, give love to your skin and nourish your soul."


EVENING | The Ritual

Step 1 | Gently massage two pumps of Botanical Cleansing Oil into dry face and inhale deeply the nutty scent of Tamanu oil. Enjoy for at least 30 seconds. Wet a cloth with lukewarm water, then wipe off the rest of the oil. Your skin is now smooth and clean.

Step 2 | Once per week exfoliate your skin to cleanse deeply and detox your pores with the Purifying Facial Exfoliator.

Step 3 | Close your eyes and apply the Neroli Toner onto the face that will improve the absorption of your Serum.

Step 4 | Apply the Recovery Night Myrrh Serum. Deep Recovery Myrrh Night Serum contains potent actives, and as our skin is most receptive to the delivery of these ingredients at night, evening ritual is the best time for the application. Massage face and neck, allow to absorb for 1-3 minutes. Inhale the powerful scent and breathe in deeply to instantly find your mind and soul more relaxed and soothed.

Step 5 | Follow your ritual with your Face Oil and don’t forget your chest.

Tip : For extra relaxation and self love, give your face a 10 minute massage while you’re gently rubbing your skin with you Face Oil.


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LIFESTYLE | Sunday Ritual