Evening Rituals | Feel Grounded

Evening Rituals | Feel Grounded

Your day has ended. Whatever has happened _ Let it go.
Rituals bring you back to the present and ground you in the now.
Find confort in your sacred space. 
It’s time to clear your mind, relax your body and release any tensions.
The following is one of my favourite evening rituals.


"One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is your own unwavering attention".


Jennifer Williamson


1 | Light a candle.

A night ritual will put you in a relax state of mind. Light a candle with a scent you love to soothe your mind and take a moment to breathe deeply. Sit in stillness for a minute or two and notice your body.


2 | Move your body with an easy unwind flow.

Move your body for 10-15 minutes with yoga, pilates or stretching movements to feel grounded and reconnect with your body.


3 | Nourishment _ Therapeutic and relaxing.

Put on your favourite music to create a lovely ambiance. For me, cooking is very therapeutic, relaxing and creative.

It's a time for nourishment, treat yourself with seasonal wholefoods and don't forget to eat slowly to notice the taste and textures.


4| Switch off technology.

Now it's time to really disconnect, turn off all technology one hour prior to bed.
Dedicate this time to unwinding and preparing the body for restorative sleep.


5 | Gratitude.

Take a cup of pure chamomile infusion and your journal to a confortable space and reflect on your day. Then sign off with one thing that you are grateful for in that moment.


6 | Skincare ritual.

  • Step 1 | Cleanse

Most people might consider cleansing the most boring part of their skincare routine, but they are overlooking its power. The Tamanu and pomegranate in the formula simultaneously cleans, clears, and calms the skin. Our Botanical cleanser makes the ritual of cleansing actually feel like a grounding experience. 

  • Step 2 | Tone

Close your eyes and apply the Balancing Neroli Toner onto the face that will improve the absorption of your Serum.

  • Step 3 | Serum

Apply the Recovery Night Myrrh Serum. It contains potent actives, and as our skin is most receptive to the delivery of these ingredients at night, evening ritual is the best time for the application. Massage face and neck, allow to absorb for 1-3 minutes. Inhale the powerful scent and breathe in deeply to instantly find your mind and soul more relaxed and soothed. 

  • Step 4 | Massage and Sculpt 

I’m a huge fan of doing gua sha, which is an ancient Chinese practice of massaging and sculpting the muscles on your face. Apply your serum or face oil, then grab and glide it across my cheekbones, jawline, and down my neck to help with lymphatic drainage. It's amazing for your skin because it revitalises the look of your skin tone, texture, and suppleness. It lifts and sculpts my face, but I also love it for helping loosen up tight muscles around your jaw to instantly feel the tension melt away. 


7 | Unwind _ Sleep.

Usually at this point, you will be extremely relaxed and can barely keep your eyes open. Place your legs up on the wall and close your eyes for at least 10 minutes of deep breathing and stillness. Breath onto the calming scent of the Myrrh.

Enjoy this moment with yourself.

Sweet Dreams.

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