Earth is marvellous, beautiful and powerful.
She is the giver.
She is our sanctuary.
“Simple Kindness may be the most vital key to the riddle of how human and animal beings can live with each other in peace, and care properly for this home planet we all share”. | Bo Lozoff

For us, Sustainability means working towards better practices for an environmental, social and economical balance. Everyday we are inspired to be more conscious of the impact on our bodies, on the planet and on each other, to innovate and create positive change for a more sustainable future. We offer an indulgent experience for the skin thanks to the sustainably sourced botanicals that have proven powerful efficacy as active ingredients and constantly researching to improve formulations.

It’s our responsibility as founders of WISDOW, to be conscious of our impact on the world and to bring awareness. And it’s our obligation to bring skincare to the next level of sustainability, working in constant improvements: packaging, ingredients, and ethical social practice. Our daily motivation is to be part of the change in the skincare industry and to create an impact that leaves a positive footprint.

WISDOW is much more than a brand, it is a mission towards holistic health, healing and sustainability. It's giving the option, a better option.

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We work with our laboratory partner in Bali to investigate further safe formulas. We choose this laboratory run by women because is creating a social impact by empowering women and supporting the local economy. We also choose independent producers and farmers using fair practices. 





It’s all about the quality of what we put on our skin, asking ourselves what is the source from what we are consuming. Because it literally becomes a part of us and can affect the environment and our well-being in positive or negative ways. That’s why we carefully sourced only sustainable high quality ingredients that we consciously research for the most effective formulations. Our mission is to innovate potent plant-based formulas that support skin’s long lasting health without damaging the environment or having a negative social impact. We only produce handmade small batches to ensure the freshness of the ingredients used and the high quality of each product.





As the Founder of WISDOW, and being myself Vegan, it was really important to me to create only and exclusively vegan skincare formulas. So first, what exactly is Vegan Beauty? It's pretty simple, our vegan skincare products are made from plants, fruits and minerals. You will never find any animal-derived ingredients. Plus, our products are all natural. You must also understand that without animal ingredients, vegan products are actually better for your skin, especially if you’re someone with sensitive or condition-prone skin. Animal ingredients can be harsh and clog pores, so vegan products are a soothing alternative.


But why should it be important for you?


Mainly because we all have a responsibility to our planet. Choosing vegan skincare will reduce your own environmental impact on the Earth.





The skincare industry uses more than 1000 chemicals that have been proven harmful, and more are discovered every day! We founded WISDOW with the conscious commitment to create safe formulations for our health and the environment. Our skincare is ethically produced without any chemical toxins and animal or animal derived ingredients.


You will never find these ingredients in our formulations: 


Silicones, Parabens, PEG, Phthalates, Sulfates (SLS / SLES), BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole), GMOs, Mercury, Mineral oils, Vaseline, Synthetic colours, Perfume or Synthetic fragrances. 

We also avoid natural chemicals and other natural ingredients that are associated with health risks.





The industry of packaging is in constant evolution, working towards more sustainable options. We always inform ourselves of the latest packaging solutions to be able to innovate in the future.

Nowadays we only use recyclable materials. We choose packaging that can be easily reused or recycled, such as glass and we don't over package, trying to be as minimal as possible. For example we don’t use extra carton boxes for our bottles.


  • Our elegant glass bottles are made of pure transparency, mixed with the colours of our botanical blends and are just the perfect minimal design that respects your body and the Planet.
  • Our shipping boxes are FSC certified, meaning they are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly. These are 100% recyclable and are made from a minimum of 70% recycled fibres.


As we are very committed to the environment. We take small actions, innovating more and more to help reduce the effects of climate change for a better future. An example of action that we will take to reduce the use of plastic and our environmental footprint is to remove all the stickers from our complete line of products before the end of this year, 2021.


How to Recycle our packaging


  • After receiving your order, place all the packaging paper and the E-Commerce carton box into a paper recycling container.
  • Once your products with droppers are empty, clean the droppers with warm water. Then remove the pipette by pulling down and recycling into a glass recycling container. Now remove the soft bulb and discard it in the trash, but recycle the plastic collar into a plastic recycling container.
  • Once the other products are empty, clean the lids with warm water, then recycle into plastic recycling containers.
  • Rinse the glass bottles thoroughly, and recycle into a glass recycling container.


We also recommend, as a sustainable way of living, to reuse our bottles.
For example, you can use them as a vase. You can also use the Facial Exfoliant to store some superfoods, like chia seeds, matcha powder, turmeric powder or any other vegan ingredient you desire.

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