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 "Wisdow was born as a beautiful path of reconnection and healing, on the shores of Bali. There, surrounded by nature, the painful life changing experience of loss and grief brought me the clear vision of this meaningful project for the planet and the community."


Why did you want to create a skincare brand?

I grew up in the beautiful french countryside, south of Paris, surrounded by trees and flowers. In a past life I must have been a botanist because from a very young age I was obsessed with flowers, reading botanical encyclopedias with passion. So obsessed that around the age of 7 I was creating my own natural skincare and selling it at school to my friends! Since I remember, I've always loved skincare. My mother was always using natural products and educated me the importance of taking care of my skin and not using toxics. Now, as a grown up, I truly understand that skincare plays an important role in our life. It allows you to find confidence when you feel good in your skin. It also has the incredible role to promote health, well-being, healing and renewal. I wanted to create products that did all above but also that are inclusive. Because healthy skin is genderless and we all deserve it. Among diversity WISDOW respects individuality.


How did WISDOW come to life?

When I was 33 years old, life hit me to my core like never before, changing me completely, and getting me back on my true path. My partner had a serious accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Tragically, he lost almost all his body functions and had to stay in a hospital bed for over a year until he passed away. A year nursing him without the power of saving him, living his daily suffering and then his death, has been the hardest experience of my life and an important life changing, a rebirth. Suffering brings truth and sets you back on the right journey. During my grief I couldn’t work as it was really hard to handle a day. So I decided to take a break and to study herbal medicine, my childhood passion, to evade my mind and try to focus on something that I loved. But that wasn’t enough. After a year lost, I was really determined to heal, “this is life, right here, right now”. I was conscious that life is precious and fragile, that I needed to find the strength to smile again, and allow myself to dream of a future with a bigger purpose. This is when I decided to explore different paths, so I traveled for 4 months to South East Asia. WISDOW was born as a beautiful path of reconnection and healing, on the shores of Bali. There, surrounded by nature, the painful life changing experience of loss and grief brought me the clear vision of this meaningful project for the planet and the community. Clean-formulated products with significant impact on skin health.


Who is behind each WISDOW formula?

WISDOW was born through my vision to innovate holistic skincare with high-performance bioactive botanicals supported by science. As a qualified herbalist, I create each formula with the purpose to align mind, body and spirit and to promote long lasting health. I also work closely with our laboratory team, researching new ingredients and the efficacy on skin and health.


Why did you choose to design exclusively vegan skincare?

Well, this starts with another childhood story. My first experience with meat has been dramatic. I was just crying each time my parents tried to make me eat meat. I was instinctively rejecting it for as long as I can remember. I have always had a strong connection with animals and can't support their suffering. For me it's not an option to  have them on my plate or in my skincare products. So WISDOW is exclusively designed with plant-based formulas. While vegan skincare is a safe and smooth alternative for your skin, especially if you’re someone with sensitive skin, it will also reduce your own environmental impact on the Earth.



Because for me, taking care of yourself doesn't mean fancy products or face masks.”



What is WISDOW's brand philosophy?

WISDOW's philosophy is to inspire each of you to create a change in the way you treat the planet, your bodies and your health, promoting awareness and transparency. We want to dedicate time to educate others, to create a community where knowledge will help to find a balanced and healthy way of living.


WISDOW has a holistic approach to skincare promoting not only physical benefits but emotional too - why is this so important to you?

I want to inspire others to consider alternative practices of wellbeing. While I was going through really hard times with my partner fighting for his life, I had to take strong medications to be able to sleep due to anxiety attacks. But these medications aren’t healthy in the long term. Through my own experience, alternative methods and conscious practice of self-care rituals is the only way to nourish your body and take care of your mind for present and future benefits. I also suffer from endometriosis that results in extremely violent physical pain and has often stopped me having a normal life. Endometriosis is an inflammatory, hormonal condition in which the tissue lining the uterus grows outside of the uterus. This results in a buildup of scar tissue, which in turn can result in organs sticking together. And the same happens here, doctors gave me strong medication to deal with the pain. After doing research, I've found a holistic approach to reduce the pain and healing damage by supporting healthy hormone levels, and improving the body’s natural detoxification processes—through Ayurvedic diet, natural supplements, and physical therapies.

Through WISDOW's holistic products I wanted to create skincare that can help your wellbeing through formulas that include high-performance bioactive botanicals and essential oils blend; bringing the benefits of aromatherapy and skin healing. Because for me, taking care of yourself doesn't mean fancy products or face masks. Truly taking care of yourself means nourishing your mind, body and spirit. It means finding the balance within your everyday life that allows you to feel at peace.


If you had to choose, what’s your favourite WISDOW ritual and why?

My favourite is definitely the evening, when I take time to slow down and disconnect. I create a sacred space where I can connect with myself, feel my skin, breath deeply and practice a meaningful skincare ritual. I start with the Botanical Cleansing Oil to dissolve all dirt accumulated during the day. From the first time I tried this formulation blend on my skin I knew it would be a complete success, not only for my face, but for my overall health. I truly felt that I had discovered a natural treasure and that I would become addicted to its nutritious and therapeutic benefits. Once my face is perfectly cleansed, I close my eyes and apply the Balancing Neroli Toner that will instantly leave my skin refreshed. Then I follow with the recovery momentum I’m waiting for at the end of the day, thanks to the Myrrh Serum. I apply it on my face and neck while I inhale deeply the powerful scent to instantly find my mind & soul more relaxed and soothed. For extra relaxation and self love, I give my face a 10 minute massage with the regenerative Rosehip Neroli Face Oil. After this conscious and holistic practice I feel calm for a perfect nights sleep.


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